Birch sap

  • Plant: Birch (Betula Alba)
  • Plant part: sap
  • Plant feauters: diuretic, slimming , purifying, febrifugal, anti-gouty, urolitich, balsamic, anti-acne, anti-arthritis, anti-cellulite, cholesterol-lowering
Birch sap
  • Description:

    In the Nordic countries was in use the "Birch sap" that was obtained by doing some holes in the trunk to collect a sugary liquid, which when fermented, gave a kind of beer.

    The so-called "birch beer," it was known since ancient times, when doctors like Durante (seventeenth century) called it "wonderful juice that comes out in the spring from the trunk pierced with virtue of breaking the kidney stones and bladder."
    There is a foundation to what Durante said: all parts of birch contain types of saponine substances that have the ability to manifest a strong diuretic action capable of promoting the elimination of excess uric acid.

    The sugar birch juice, obtained by cutting the bark in spring, is be suited very well to correct the "bitter" taste of Grappa and to make it less alcoholic.

The recipe

  • Ingredients:

    - 1 glass of birch sap
    - 1 liter of Grappa

  • Preparation:

    One glass birch sap is sufficient in one litre of Grappa for a few weeks, until the sap will be completely dissolved.
    It is a lovely and fresh liqueur to drink with ice in summer.

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