Taste of sea

  • Plant: Brown alga (Alaria Esculenta)
  • Plant part: alga
  • Plant feauters: antiacid, anti-anaemic
Taste of sea
  • Description:

    In spring on the rocky slopes of alpine areas it is possible to notice some shrubberies standing out for their distinctive sizable white flowers. The plant goes under the curious name of "Amelanchier", which would mean "juiceless apple" or something alike; it's a term that's been introduced in Europe in the second half of the 18th century in order to define a medlar tree species that had copiously proliferated during that period.
    The plant is locally known as "Pero Corvino" (literally "black pear") because its blue/blakish coloured and egg-shaped fruit is pretty sweet and tastes like a pear.This last characteristic makes the "Pero Corvino" perfectly suitable for a Grappa that will gain all of its taste and typical colour.

The recipe

  • Ingredients:

    - 2 fistfuls of fruits
    - 1 liter Grappa
    - a little cane sugar
    - a few pear slices

  • Preparation:

    Take two fistfuls of fruits that have been picked during the summer and leave them to macerate in a liter grappa and little sugar cane in a sunny location for three months.After filtering let the infusion age for at least six months. At this point the snowy mespilus will be ready to be drunk, as long as it has been previously cooled and poured in a chilled stem glass with a few pear slices.This liqueur is best savoured  after the meal in hot summer evenings.

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