Why do you rub Grappa among your hands?

Why do you rub Grappa among your hands?

I remember well when I was little and I used to stare at my father studying the Grappa he had just distilled…
He used to take a bottle, pour some in a glass then he would place a few drops on the on the palm of his hand and rub, intensely, the Grappa and I looked at him in admiration trying to catch the secret of this ancient ritual. Then, slowly, he would open his hands… and he would bring his nose closer… And he would stay still, concentrated… With his eyes closed.
And over time, I understood that rubbing.

Grappa among the hands rises the temperature and the most volatile parts evaporate, the most ethereal parts, the scents of Grappa and you perceive the grape scents.

Grappa is the daughter of the grape and grape is a fruit and it was a flower earlier, therefore a good Grappa fruit scents, flower scents, and rubbing it among the hands let you smell aromas of fresh pomace just distilled.

Buona Grappa everyone.

Watch the video with Jacopo Poli:

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