Grappa today

Grappa today

Grappa is a part of the centuries-old Italian tradition and as such has accompanied numerous generations up until the present time. Today, Grappa is tasted for the pleasure of the sensations it has to offer: this is why Grappa must be good.

Today, Grappa is not so aggressive and rough as that which many still remember. It is a smoother and decidedly more elegant Grappa, tasted by connoisseurs and enthusiasts. Today’s Grappa is no longer drunk, but tasted.

Today there are various types of Grappas and not just Grappa. Each one is different for the marc used in its distillation, for the type of still used, but above all because the Distiller wants it that way. The diversities of the production areas accompany the taster in the discovery of different grape varieties but also the cultures and traditions that every Italian region offers in plentiful supply.
Italy enjoys a very variegated and well-established production sector, above all in the northern regions, and Veneto in particular, with an ample production of Grappas from marc of cabernet, merlot, pinot and prosecco, to mention just a few.
Grappa, a unique and indisputable Italian heritage, is exported to numerous countries: there is even the Swedish Grappa Academy. The reference foreign market remains, in any case, Germany, followed by the rest of Europe. But also the United States and Canada are showing an increasing interest in the national distillate.

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