Piedmont enjoys an old distilling tradition, also thanks to the enormous wealth of its vineyards that offer quality marcs from red grapes such as Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera, but also white types such as White Muscat, Arneis, Erbaluce, etc. The Piedmontese call Grappa “branda”. In respect for the most genuine hand-made tradition, many distilleries do not use the continuous-cycle distillation process, but use boilers with flowing steam, operating at discontinuous cycle. Other manual systems use the double boiler and rare examples with direct fire. Testifying to the old Piedmontese distilling tradition, the 18th century saw the creation of the Distillers’ Guild, with specific rules and regulations for members.

The high value of the marc used in the stills guarantees quality and very characterised Grappas. Grappa of Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera, also with long ageing in wooden barrels, are just some of the top products of Piedmontese distillation. But there is also the Grappa of White Muscat, one of the most gown vine species in the region, whose smoothness offers the palate an exquisite taste, also in combination with cheeses. The great experience of vine-growers and the quality of the marcs give the Grappas of this region entirely Piedmontese characteristics.

Poli Distillerie and
Poli Grappa Museum


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