Emma Morano: a sip of Grappa each day to get 117 years old

Emma Morano: a sip of Grappa each day to get 117 years old

Three eggs a day, the peace and quietness of the lake Maggiore and a sip of grappa, these are the secrets of the long life of ms. Emma Morano who celebrated on November the 29th 2016 her 117th birthday. 

Since April the 2nd 2016 Emma can claim to be the oldest lady both in Italy and Europe and since May the 12th 2016 the oldest in the world. She is the last living person to be born in the 18 hundreds and the only Italian born to live over the 116th birthday.

In a recent interview ms. Morano unravelled the secrets that allowed her to live such a long time:

  • Do not take medicines; 
  • eat each day eggs and rare meat; 
  • every now and then drink a glass of Grappa; 
  • eat some Gianduiotto; 
  • be positive about the future;
  • be married, but not for a long time! 


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